Ruby Presence Light

The Ruby Presence Light is a status light that displays your availability to people around you. The small compact design allows you to mount the light on your monitor or laptop screen using the included Velcro strip.

The light is a 3D printed stick you connect to a USB port on your computer. Using the supplied software, you can sync with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. There is also a manual mode if you don’t use either software program. Below is a video of the light syncing with Skype for Business.

Ruby Presence Light syncing with Skype for Business

The cost for the Ruby Presence Light is $25 (plus S&H) and it comes with

  • 3D Printed Presence Light.
    • Dimensions : 22mm width x 12mm depth x 26mm height
  • 3.8FT USB-C to USB A cable
  • Velcro strip to attach to monitor or laptop screen
  • Windows 10 software to sync your light with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. Also supports manual mode to change your status if you don’t use either programs.
    • Software requires .NET Framework 4.8

The program runs in your notification area and has a traffic light icon.

You access the settings menu by right clicking the icon.

Manual mode is activated by selecting any of the top menu options. The default colors are

  • Available : Green
  • Busy : Red
  • Away : Yellow
  • Be Right Back : Yellow
  • Do Not Disturb : Red
  • Default : Purple
  • Off : Off

The “Reset” menu item is to resync your presence with your monitored program of choice from the “Settings” menu. Click this if you notice that your light does not match your presence status.

The “Settings” menu item opens the following screen.

Below is a description of each available option.

  • Presence Service : You can select your desired presence service. Available options are “None”, “Skype for Business” and “Microsoft Teams”.
  • Serial Port : Once your Ruby Presence Light has been plugged into your computer, the available serial ports will be scanned and allow you to choose the correct port connected to the light. You can click the “Test” button to verify. (The light should blink red three times.)
  • Minutes before turning off : When your status is set to “Away”, this controls how long the program will wait before turning the light off.
  • LED Brightness : You can choose how bright your light is.
  • Color Modifications : Here you can customize the color of the light for the specified statuses. Click the button with the status to choose a new color. To go back to the original color, click the “Reset” button next to each color.

The “Exit” menu item closes the program.

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