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So I decided to release a BETA version on my new Pebble Watch application. I wanted to make this app so that it would work on all pebble devices without the need for a separate application to be installed on your iPhone/Android phone.

The only requirement for this application is that it only works on the Pebble 2.0 software. There also is a crash that happens randomly on the Today screen and I am still trying to track it down.

Let me know what you think.


There is currently an issue with the BETA 2 software for Android and PebbleKit from the Pebble team.

  • JavaScript apps on Android will only run if the phone is turned on and the Pebble app running (the easiest way to check this is to bring it to the foreground). This will be fixed soon.

Release 0.1

  • Initial Release

Release 0.2

  • Changed settings to scroll between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Added degree symbol to 5 day forecast
  • Spelling error
  • Changed default temperature to Fahrenheit

Release 0.3

  • Changed the weather provider to Yahoo
  • Updated all the icons
  • Fixed a bug with the today screen crashing the app

Release 0.3.5

  • Added back High/Low temps on today screen
  • Moved Today description to just underneath temperature
  • Allow location to word wrap to second line
  • Updated the Flickr Lat/Lon query to City accuracy instead of Street
  • After pulling Today or 5 Day forecast, if you look at the about screen, it will display the Yahoo WOEID that is used to pull your forecast. You can check the raw output from this link.

Release 0.3.6

  • Move celsius/fahrenheit to be part of the query instead of calculating it.

Release 0.3.7

  • Added a menu icon.

Release 0.4.0

  • Moved settings to web configuration.
  • Added ability to use static city instead of GPS.

Release 0.4.1

  • Fixed a memory leak issue.

Release 0.4.2

  • Added another option to have an additional city. Choose city from phone settings.

Release 0.4.3

  • Update for Pebble 2.0 BETA 3

Release 0.4.4

  • Change messages for better notification of what is happening with application. First the message will display “Connecting to phone…”. Once it has confirmed a connection, the display will show “Getting location…”. If the display does not change to “Getting location…”, you will need to verify that the Pebble app is running on your phone. If you get the message “Location Not Set” you will need to verify that your settings are correct. Open the Pebble app and open the app settings for Weather. You will either need to have GPS enabled or have a static location set.

Release 0.4.5

  • Update for Pebble 2.0 BETA4

Release 0.4.7

  • Update for Pebble 2.0 BETA5
  • Fixed an issue with Configuration screen not saving the “Additional City” settings correctly
  • Added text to show user what time the conditions are from that is pulled from  Yahoo.

Release 0.5

  • Update for Pebble 2.0 BETA6

Release 0.5.1

  • Update for Pebble 2.0 BETA7

Weather 0.5.1 BETA

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8 responses to “Pebble 2.0 Weather”

  1. good morning. i am new to pebble and would appreciate your help in how i would download and install your weather 0.3 beta app to my pebble watch.



    • You need to have the BETA 2 software on your phone and the BETA 2 firmware on your watch. Then from your iPhone/Andriod device, just click the link above and install to your device.

  2. Hi. It doesn’t show me the weather. There only the refreshing word.
    I live in Vienna Austria. Is this the problem? On the today Screen is only the weather symbol and the c for degree.
    I use the beta2 on the pebble and the beta2 android app on an HTC one.

    Thx for write so a cool watch app!

  3. ¡Hi! If you want, I can help you translating the app to Spanish, Galician and Portuguese. Really nice job.


  4. Hi Ben,

    First of all, thank you for your great App.

    I´m still using my pebble, now together with my sailfish smartphone. Since the android apps are emulated and pebble works with an app called Rockpool.
    I´m trying to get a request for the public transport system but the normal API and XMLHttpRequest does not work with my phone as most of the apps and examples. But the request of your weather app work.
    Could you be so kind and explain me how did you implement the HTTP request in your App?
    Best regards

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