Wrap Up

Well I have been busy since the last time I made a post. We had the 3rd Annual Zac Galaviz Benefit Concert and I was a huge success. I actually won one of the raffle items all the brothers donate. The iPad. No the raffle was not rigged. I could not believe that I actually won. But just to let you know, during the process of getting the iPad for the raffle, I had purchased 2. The first one I bought a full price a couple of weeks before the benefit. Then Noah called me the week before the concert to let me know that he could now use his discount to purchase iPads. So I bought another one expecting to return the more expensive one after the benefit. Then Crystal told me that we were going to donate that one to another cancer benefit for a friend of ours. She had done so much for us the past 2 concerts, we had to thank her in some way. So yes, I was very surprised when our number got called out. I think going forward, I will not put my ticket in for the big ticketed items.

Having the benefit also saw the return of The Socials. Noah, Shane, Dustin and I got together a couple of weeks before the big night and decided we wanted/needed to play. This time was a little different. We ended up using a click track. That is, we pre-recorded some background instruments for parts we couldn’t play. Like I said, it was the first time we had ever tried something like that. For the most part it went ok. I don’t think that we had enough practice before hand to really have everything click together. I don’t know, maybe I can convince the other guys the keep playing together and make some money playing again. We shall see.

I am still waiting for pictures from everyone that came to the benefit. I have posted some on my flickr site and will post more as I get them. Enjoy

3rd Annual Zac Galaviz Benefit Concert

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