Week 21 of 2010

LOST. It’s over and let me start by saying that I really enjoyed the show. I was really surprised on how they ended it. I was really invested in the island story, when it actually was all about the characters. The show was called LOST, making us believe that everyone was LOST on the island. Now we realize that they were LOST as people. Let me start by saying that everything posed here is my thoughts on the show. The writers really left it opened on how the viewers should interpret the show as a whole. With that being said, let us begin.

The LOST recap show leading up to the finale was OK. I don’t think that you can really show a recap of 6 years in only 2 hours and really understand what was going on. It really only made sense if you were an avid watcher. There were some “Oh, yea” moments when they showed something that I had forgotten. But you could not watch it without some type of knowledge of what was really going on.

So here is what I think….

Everything happened on the island was real. The crash, the Others and the Dharma Initiative. This pretty much entails season 1 – 5. Then when season 6 started with the “Flash Sideways”, This was purgatory (or whatever you want to call it). In the first episode of season 6, it starts on the flight to LA. When Jack goes to the bathroom on the plane after the turbulence, we see for the first time the cut on his neck. Throughout the season in the Flash Sideways, he has the cut on his neck that was really never explained. Until last night’s episode, when we see that Smoke Locke cuts it during the fight scene. (BTW, Jack and Smoke Locke running at each other? Really? I’m sure John Woo is saying the same thing.) Plus, when Jack sees his dad in the church..

Jack: “Are you real?”

Christian: “I sure hope so. Yea, I’m real. You’re real. Everything that has ever happened to you is real. All those people in the church. They’re all real too.”

Jack: “They’re all….they’re all dead?”

Christian: “Everyone dies sometime kidd-o. Some of them before you. Some long after you.”

Jack: “Buy why are they all here now?”

Christian: “Well, there is no now here.”

Jack: “Where are we, dad?”

Christian: “This is a place that you all made together so that you can find one another. The most important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people. That’s why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you. ”

Jack: “For what?”

Christian: “To remember. And to let go.”

Jack: “Kate, she said we were leaving.”

Christian: “Not leaving, no. Moving on.”

Jack: “Where are we going?”

Christian: “Let’s go find out.”

Here is a list of everyone in the church.

Jack and Kate

Hurley and Libby

John Locke

Penny and Desmond

Claire, Charley and Aaron


Shannon and Sayid

Rose and Bernard

Sun and Jin

Sawyer and Juliet


This made me realize that the true story was about the characters and not the “magic” of the island. They needed each other to “cross over”. When the show started, we saw that all these people were alone and had issues. In the end, they find each other, develop relationships and that everything that happened before the island, really didn’t matter.

I think the reason for Ben not going inside the church was that he was waiting for Danielle and Alex. And maybe that he is not ready to go until he can make piece with the things he did on the island. He did say that he will be allowed to join the rest of them when he’s ready. Another clue is when Hurley asks Desmond if Ana Lucia is going with them. Desmond says that she is not ready.

So the end of the show with Jack’s eye closing, is where the alternate timeline with the plane landing in LA starts. Another clue is when the turbulence stops and Rose says, “You can let go now.” Then, Jack’s journey begins to the point of him remembering his life and being ready to cross over.

Let me just say that the music was incredible. Not only for this episode, but for the entire series. If they don’t win some type of award for it…….

I know most of this post is fragmented but I know that I will update it as I think more about the ending and read some forums about what other people think. What do you think?

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