Week 16/17 of 2010

It has been a while since my last post. A lot of things happened the past two weeks so let’s see if I can catch you up. On Tuesday, I had by birthday dinner with family at Lava Grill. This is the same place we went last year but this time was a lot more fun. Here is a video of me catching eggs in my mouth that Noah took. Video from Noah

Wednesday was my actual birthday. I had to take Crystal and Melanie to the airport in the morning because they were going to California to see Passion Pit in Sacramento and San Francisco. Then they were going to Coachella until Monday. Later that day at work, I ordered a new 15′ MacBook Pro. I wanted to replace my current 13′ MacBook for something a little beefier and bigger screen. I was waiting for the new ones to come out before ordering, and on Tuesday, Apple was happy to announce new core i5 and i7 MacBook Pros. I bought a 15′ MacBook Pro with the core i5. I also opted for screen upgrade to get a higher resolution. With any luck, I would get it before the weekend came. Later that night, Kylie and I met up with Wendy, Billy, Crystal, Karl and Kellen at El Fenix in south Arlington for dinner.

By Thursday Kylie was asking when “Mama” was coming home. She wanted to wear a dress to school and I told her that we didn’t have shoes that matched. Thinking that Crystal would agree with her to let her wear a dress, she started asking for her. Foolish child! She had picture day at school on Friday and Crystal had already picked out the outfit she would wear before she left.

Over the weekend, Kylie and I went to my parents house to hang out and see her primas (Cousins) while I helped my dad change a tire on their trailer home. Then on Sunday, we went to the Apple store to buy some new supplies for my new MacBook. I had to buy a new firewire cable for my camera and a new display adapter so that I can connect the computer to my TV. I also ended up getting a new case. I bought the Paul Frank skull one.

So by Monday I saw that the shipping notification on my order was updated. I would receive my new laptop on Wednesday. I also had to pick up Crystal, Crystal H. and Melanie from the airport on Monday but Mel didn’t make the flight as she had to return the rental car. Crystal and Crystal H. made it Ok. We then went out to dinner before I had to be back out to the airport to pick up Mel. Wednesday finally came and I did receive my new MacBook. I will have a post later on about my new purchase. Then over the weekend was April Birthday Bash. Melanie and I have a birthday party together and this year we decided to do a photo scavenger hunt. First we all had dinner at Gloria’s in Fort Worth. Then we took Kylie to my parents house and met up with everyone at Caves. It had been a while since we have had that much fun. Here are some pictures.

Sunday was just another lazy day recouping from the night before. Didn’t make it out to “Crew Dinner” but hopefully we can make the next one. Until next week…..

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