Week 14 of 2010

The past week was a blah week. Had people over on Wednesday for Zac’s 2 year anniversary. Thinking about putting together a post of everything that happend the days before he passed. Maybe it would help me remember everything that we on. That week was a blur to me and I don’t want to slowly start forgetting the little things…

It was also Easter last week. Adam and I helped my parents tear up some concrete in the back yard on Saturday.

Tried to get him to take off his shirt so I could get a better picture…

They also had some people come and pour concrete in the front yard for the camper. Their driveway is for one car and they wanted to be able to park the camper and car together.

On Sunday we took Kylie easter egg hunting at my relatives house. We then made it home to have dinner with Crystal’s family. A very exhausting weekend. Here are some pictures of Kylie.

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