Week 9 of 2010

So the last week in February. We were not too busy during the week, but the weekend was.

Kylie is enrolled in a class in school called Flips for Fun. They come every Monday and teach the kids tumbling stuff. They had their first parents show Saturday morning. Here are some pictures Rebeca took for me while I filmed.

And here is the video I took.


I used our Canon HV30 HD camera and edited the video in Adobe Premiere CS3. (Thanks Wendy.)

Kylie also got to have her friend Emma over on Saturday. Here is a picture of them playing Wii boxing.

Then on Sunday, Kylie had a birthday party to go to for one of her friends at school.

We didn’t have Crew Dinner this week because everyone was too busy, so maybe next week will be better for all.

Finally, my lame attempt at and artistic photo. This is one of the sunset on Sunday.

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