Beautiful day at the Zoo

My parents invited Kylie and I to the Zoo. We had a great time until she had to go to the bathroom. So we ran to the other side of the Zoo to get to the restrooms. Got into the stall and there is no toilet paper, no paper towels, pee all over the seat and a crying girl that has to go. So I pulled her pants down and held her over the seat. But the pee just went all over her underwear and all over her pants. Did I mention that there was not toilet paper. She didn’t want to put her underwear back on cause they were wet. So I did what any papa would do. I took out my knife and cut her underwear off of her. There was no way I was going to take her shoes and her pants off in that bathroom. Plus I was not going to walk around with her wet underwear. So I cut them off and threw them away. But she still had pee on her pants so we just walked around until they dried. And for future reference, cotton candy can make any child forget that they have pee on their pants.

One response to “Beautiful day at the Zoo”

  1. Poor girl…and poor dad! I hate those kinds of situations. I however have never thought to cut the undies off! Great idea! :o) How did K like the zoo otherwise?

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