Week 6 of 2010

Last week was a welcome to February. Normal work fires throughout the week. (Maybe for one of my weekly blog posts, I will try and describe what my job is and what goes on day to day. I’ll save it for when I am really hurting for some content.)

This was my Tuesday.

Seriously, the bag was just hanging there. I had to buy another one just to get it to fall down. No amount of shaking was going to let this fall on its own.

Had to take Sugar Bear, my Chihuahua, to the vet for seizures. It was not that bad but just the 3rd one we noticed. I got Sugar as a present from Crystal one Christmas. She was a rescue puppy and had a really bad cough when we got her. Turned out that she had a mild form of Distemper. When she was sleeping or really tired, she had this thing where her paws would flop up and down. One side affect from having this is really bad teeth. And really bad teeth means really bad breath. So back to the story, the vet started talking to me about how the seizures could be from the distemper. We talked about putting her on anti-seizure meds but decided to wait. They are not that bad right now and the side affects would outweigh the benefit right now. So after this I asked him about her teeth wanting to get rid of her bad breath. He noticed that some of her teeth are loose and need to be removed. Then he said that her seizure like symptoms could be from infected gums. So for the past week I have been giving her antibiotics twice a day. Tomorrow she will be going back to the Vet for a teeth cleaning and to have some pulled. Hopefully this will help with her breath.

On Saturday, I had to get the oil changed on my car. Took it to a oil changing place in the morning before having to run some other errands. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the service mechanic called me out to talk about my car. I hate how they try to up sell you more services. But that was not what he was trying to do. He noticed that two bolts that keep my engine inside the car were about to fall out.

I had taken the car into the dealership to have the radiator replaced in December. From looking at it, the mechanic forgot to put the nuts back onto the bolts. I wonder how much longer it would have taken before the bolts came completely out. I took it to Bankston Chevrolet on Davis and 820 in Hurst. Will not be going back there anymore. The service specialist was not nice about it too. I think he was seriously lacking normal human communication skills. Didn’t apologize. Didn’t express concern that I had been driving for two months like this. I was mad. They had the car for 3 hours to fix this problem. Seriously. 3 hours. Not to mention, Crystal was upset that our plans for the entire day were ruined.

But Sunday was better. The Super Bowl was on TV and we had some friends over. Game was good, although I wanted the Colts to win. Commercials were not good at all. There was maybe 2 that I thought were really funny.

So that’s the post for this week. Will do better to take more pictures. The more pictures I take, the easier it is to remember things to write.

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