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Tonight LOST begins it’s 6th and final season. There are a group of us here at work that are still watching LOST and came to the realization about Jacob’s nemesis.

At the beginning of the final episode of last season, we see Jacob and his nemesis sitting on the beach. They are talking about how “Nemesis” can find a loop hole so that he could kill Jacob. At the end of the episode we find out that the reincarnated version of Locke is really Jacob’s nemesis. He “found his loop hole”. This got me thinking about every other dead person on the island that had come back to see the main characters.


In the episode “Dead is Dead”, Ben goes to find the smoke monster with reincarnated Locke.

From Lostpedia:

“The Monster surrounds Ben, swirling about him. He is faced with memories of Alex and Widmore, including Alex’s death at the hands of Martin Keamy. After showing these visions to Ben, the Monster abates, followed by the appearance moments later of an apparition in the form of Alex. Ben apologizes to Alex, admitting fault in everything, which she acknowledges. She then pins him up against a nearby column, informing Ben that she is aware of his plan to kill Locke again, and demanding his firm dedication to follow Locke’s leadership, or she will “destroy” him. Ben promises, and Alex disappears. Locke calls Ben back to the hole and lowers a vine in order to pull Ben up. Ben reveals that the Monster has let him live.”

So I think that this is one example of Jacob’s nemesis pushing people to do his bidding. He appears as Alex, telling Ben to do whatever Locke says. And then as Locke, he tells Ben to kill Jacob.

“Nemesis” could have been Boone in the episode “Further Instructions” telling Locke to save Mr Echo.

Also he could be any number of people visiting Hurley. That’s why Hurley thinks he is crazy cause he keeps seeing dead people.


(All pictures are from http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page)

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