Ben’s Best of 2009 Mix

I was reading the blog of someone I follow on twitter and at the end of the year, they create a mix of songs that meant a lot to them this year. This is my attempt to do the same.

2009 for me would have the be the year of “The Crew”. We started the year together without a name. I think  it was on the Austin trip that Mel came up with the name. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) It just stuck. We had our ups and downs. But we definitely are a lot closer than when we started. So without further delay, here is my mix of 2009.

The Crew

1. Smile – Flickerstick (Live)

In January we all got to go and see Flickerstick play at the House of Blues. Definitely my top concert for 2009. I had so much fun with everyone.

2. 99 Red Balloons – Goldfinger

This year for Melanie and my birthday, we had a 99 Red Balloon bash. This was a fun song we (The Dirty Girls Social Club) played when we first started playing. Crystal and I actually went out and bought 99 red balloons. “The Crew” met up a caves and decorated. Then at midnight we let all the balloons go while playing this song. Very memorable for me. Just don’t know how we are going to top that in 2010.

3. The Year In Review – Her Space Holiday

Melanie and I got a chance to see Her Space Holiday in May at the Mohawk in Austin. Worth the drive to see them. Zac introduced HSH to me so a lot of his music makes me think of him. And we were so close to having them peform at his benefit concert this year. Maybe next year….

4. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon

Uncle Baby. For some reason, Kylie wants to hear this song every time we are in the car. She calls it the “Uncle Shane’s Song”. We got to play it at the benefit concert this year so I think when we were practicing it at my house, she put two and two together.

5. I’ve Got Your Number – Passion Pit

This is another song Kylie loves. She calls this one “Tia Melanie’s Song”. I wish I could have gotten to go to their concert when they were here. Melanie and Crystal spent a week following them from Dallas to Louisiana. All before they hit it big. If you do one thing in 2010. Get their albums.

6.Chasing Pavements – Adele

I found Adele while searching for a story I heard. She did two acoustic songs and this was one of them. Amazing voice. Bought tickets for Crystal and I but I ended up giving my ticket to Crystal H. Thought she would have a better time than me. Mistake. (I still love you CH).

7. Unlike Me – Kate Havnevik

I don’t remember how I found her. Glad I did. She sounds a lot like Bjork and Imogen Heap. Great album.

8. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend – Her Space Holiday

I know I already have a song from HSH. I like it. Suck it.

9. Please Don’t Go – Barcelona

Crystal says that I listen to too many depressing songs. This is one of them. First heard it from a video and really liked it. Album is really good too but definitely rainy day music.

10. After Dark (アフターダーク Afutā Dāku) – Asian Kung-Fu Generation

I also get made fun of cause I like this band. They are a alternative rock band from Japan. The words are in japanese so if you can hear past that, this album is really good too.

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