Make me young

Wow. Two posts in one day.

You know when you are getting older when you wake up one morning to find out that

A.) You find it hard to get up earlier.
B.) You catch yourself listening to NPR on the way to work.
C.) You are pissed at the way the stock market is going right now.

I remember riding in my grandmothers car a long time ago and hating the fact that she always listened to NPR. I remember thinking that I would never listen to this crap. I will only listen to music. Now in the age of MP3 players and satellite radio, we have the advantage of choosing what songs are the background music to our lives. You can now plan what you listen to depending on how you feel that morning on the way to work. And then again on your way home. It use to be cool when we listened to the radio and our favorite song came on. It made you think that there was a reason you tuned into this station. It was like someone was talking to you knowing what would make you feel better about your day. But enought of that. This post has nothing do with what I have been rambling on about. This post was suppose to be about getting older. Paying more attention on how much you are spending on everyday things and worring about if you are going to have enough to retire on. Many people say that what is going on in the stock market is a one in a lifetime event. I just happen to be 31 years old and I hope that is true. Earlier this year I bought my first shares of stock. Now, it is half the price it use to be, which means I have lost have my money if I sell it today. I don’t even want to know how much my 401(k) has dropped. Or even my life insurance. But now is the time to start buying. Then only question is when. When do you know that we have hit the bottom. When do we know that now is the time to start buying low so that in the future, you can sell high. Some say that if you are in it for the long run, it will always go up. I guess that I need to stop looking at everything on a day to day basis. But how can I when every TV station is talking about it. Every radio station is having experts on describing to us how we got in this position. I worry about if are going to elect the right president that can turn all of this around so that “children of the future” will have a future. When do you know you are getting old? When you write things like this and listen to NPR on your way home from work.

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