I joined the dark side.

I don’t know when it happened. I woke up this morning just realizing that I have now become an “Apple Boy”. A couple of months ago I took the plunge and bought a Mac Book. I admit that I now use it all the time. I finally dropped my msn email account and got a gmail one so that I can get my email on it. Then I bought my brothers iPhone. I thought that I would just use it as an iPod. But I decided to try it out for a week. Then when the iphone 2.0 software came out, I was able to get my email pushed to it. I was able to SSH into our work servers so that I can manage them from anywhere. Plus I can get our global address list. That as the the reason why I am writing this blog from my iPhone. Then yesterday I went out and bought the AirPort Express to use with itunes. I was able to connect it to my network and stream all music to my stereo. I am also able to control what gets played from my iPhone. I downloaded this app from the iTunes store called Remote. It allows you to choose what songs gets played from anywhere in the house. I guess that is the reason for this post. I really enjoy all the apple products. But I still like my vista computer. They each have their good points and bad points. Maybe when I have more time I will compare them. I feel that I new to spend some more time with the mac to really get a better understanding of how everything works. So until next time…

P.S. If you go to http://ijoinedthedarkside.com it will bring you here. 🙂

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