For fathers day, Crystal and Kylie got me something I would have never of guessed they would get me. I got a wii. Something that is very hard to find right now as most of you may know. It is a blast to play. Crystal and I have been playing Mario Party 8 for the past couple of nights. We are trying to unlock all the mini games, and to do that, you have to play the board game. On Tuesday, Pam, Keith, Chris and Nicole came over and we played bowling. That was a lot of fun. Kylie really got into it also.

So I have been trying to find some games to play with the Wii, aside from Mario Party 8 and Super Mario Galaxy I just bought, and I found out about Wii Fit. Aparently, this game is also hard to come by. Every place online and locally are completely sold out. And when they get some in, they sell out in like 5 minutes. So I have been trying since Monday to buy one. I found a website that will actually email you when retailers get more to sell. So while this is going on, a guy at work (who I thought was a friend) said that he bout an extra one to sell online. I told him that I have been looking for one for a couple of days and that I would but his. The Wii Fit’s retail cost is $89.99. He wanted $160.00 for it. I seriously thought that he was joking with me. I said that I would give him $100 for it. But he would not budge. So fuck him. So today I kept searching for a Wii Fit that I could buy at retail cost. Come on, peope can be greedy. Buying a product that is hard to get, and selling it to desperate people willing to shell out more that the original cost of the item, just so they could have one. To me, that is really retarded. It just makes me mad that someone I thought was a friend would do that. Anyways, I finally got one today from Target and they will deliver it next week. AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY MORE THAN RETAIL COST. Sorry, I will get off my soap box now. Until next time.

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