Never Update

I have not had any time to update this site. I have been really busy the past few months with our ADP implementation at work. I will be glad when it is all over and I can get on with the next chapter in my life at work. I have also wanted to change this site. Maybe change the look/feel. Don’t know what I want to do yet. I have been playing around with the new SDK for the google phone. I can code in Java so I thought I would take a stab at it to see how it really looks. Not to hard to write code for it. I have been starting to use Eclipse to code seeing as BEA has started to use their environment to develop in instead of their own. Just as I started to get use to it, they go and change it on me. Maybe I will post some of the code for the google phone I have been working on here when I find the time to do it. later.

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