You never call!

I know….I own a little piece of the internet and I have been neglecting it. Who knew that being a “papa” would take up so much of your life. I guess people have to experience it for themselves.

So what’s new……..for those of you who care, I “fixed” my xbox and installed XBMC on it. I can listen to music and watch a slideshow of pictures that are stored on my PC on my xbox. I can also watch home movies on my PC without having to burn a DVD. Really cool if you were to ask me. Kylie is starting to crawl and boy can she move. You turn your head for one second and she will be on the other side of the house getting into something that she is not suppose to. For some reason Sugar does not like the fact that Kylie can now move around on her own. The other day I was helping Kylie walk and Sugar ran over and tried to push Kylie down. It looked really funny and Kylie didn’t know what to do. I’ll see if I can get a video of it next time. (Or set everything up and make Sugar do it again.) Crystal and I are going to go and see Zac and Melanie in Sacramento. We found some good fares (thanks Zac for the many emails) on Southwest. We have one stop-over in Kanas City. I guess you can’t complain to the price we got them at and now I wish we were staying longer than 4 days. It will be our first time away from Kylie for an extended period of time, but knowing Zac and Mel, they will keep us too busy doing things while we are there. Shane and Adam are also going with us, so I think that we will have a lot of fun.

We are also planning Kylie’s 1st birthday. Don’t know what theme we are going to do yet, but we will have balloons! It is hard to imagine that she has been in our lives for a year now. She is really starting to become her own person and developing a personality. Crystal and I have been trying to teach her sign language like “eat”,”more” and “pain”. She has not really picked up on them yet but I am sure she will. We are planning to go over to Brent and Alisha’s house for the Super Bowl. Their son Jarren is a little more than a year older than Kylie, and they seem to get along pretty good. So until next time.

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