Been a very long time.

Well it had been way too long and I have not updated this site.(Other than new pictures of Kylie)  I have been very busy at work with a couple of upgrades, and busy at home with Kylie.  Crystal and I had our 4th wedding anniversary a couple of days ago.  Sure does not seem like that long.  We took our yearly picture at Joe T. Garcia’s (where we had our reception) and enjoyed a live band that was there for another wedding reception.  As for gifts, I got Crystal a treadmill that she had been wanting and she is letting me get a tattoo.  For a while now I have been wanting one and now seems as good a time.  I have had a picture for a while of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.You can view a picture here of what I am going to get. I am going to change the flame on the top of the heart a little bit. Just something to make it my own.  Anyways….


Well where do I begin….
I am a 29 years old and living in Fort Worth, TX.  My wife Crystal and I have been living there in our house for about 3 years now.  This past March 27, we had a new addition to our family. Her name is Kylie Nicole Galaviz. Your life really does change when you have children.  Makes me really think “What did I do before she got here?” This site will hopefully be about my experiences as a “Papa”, personal things, and of course work related stuff. Now for the more specific details about me. I work for LSG Sky Chefs as a Weblogic/Java developer. I also am responsible for the HR/Payroll systems.I am a Muscle Car nut and have a 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo sitting in my garage waiting on getting a new engine, paint job, interior, etc……I know HTML, Java, Javascript, JSP, ASP, ASPX, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, PLSQL, COBAL, PHP, and UNIX Scripting.  Right now I am working on Javascript/AJAX coding.I am one of 8 children.(Yes from the same parents) 4 boys and 4 girls.

I will keep updating this when I can think of more things to put here.