HP Mini 1000

Recently bought Crystal an HP Mini 1000. I bought it from uBid.com for a really good price. When I first got it, I put OS X on it to see how it worked. For the most part, it worked fine. Just some issues here and there but if you had a screen that was bigger than 568px, you would not be able to see it. Also, there were issues when you put the laptop to sleep. Lost bluetooth and wireless. Crystal was not going to go for that, so I reformatted and put Windows XP back on it. So far, it has lived up to its expecitations. She mainly uses it for Email, Facebook and web surfing. It came with 1 GB of memory and a 2 GB stick would only cost about $20. If she complains about the speed, I will just buy the new stick. Well this post is really for the modifications I have made to the netbook so far. I have put in bluetooth usb and working on getting WWAN setup on it. A good place to go for information on how to do a lot of different hacks can be found on MyHPMini.com.

  • Bluetooth
  • The laptop has an option for bluetooth, but this one did not come with one. There is a plug right next to the WWAN card. At work we have HP 6530b laptops with bluetooth modules in them. I check and the cable is the same for both laptops. So I removed the assembly from the 6530b laptop and put it into the Mini. The Mini did see that something was connected to the USB hub, but I could not get the drivers loaded for it. I tried the Mini bluetooth drivers and even the 6530b bluetooth drivers. No go. So I saw that there was a USB plug next to the SSD hard drive. HP uses it for their HP Mini Mobile Drive. Since I didn’t plan on using it for that, I ended up going to Fry’s Electronics and buying a micro bluetooth module. It fit perfectly in the USB slot. Now we have an internal bluetooth module. Total cost of mod : $19.99

  • WWAN (3g)
  • Now for the WWAN card. Once I found out that there was a WWAN card slot in the Mini, I just had to try and get it to work. First was to get a WWAN card. At work we use the AT&T USBConnect 881. It just happened that one of the devices was broken. I borrowed the card to see if I could salvage the WWAN card inside it. After taking it apart and checking things out, I found out that the USB part of the module was broken, but the WWAN card was still good. So now I had a free WWAN card (Sierra Wireless MC8781) as they were going to throw it away. Next I had to update the HP Mini BIOS to allow me to use this card. I got a custom bios from this thread. It by passes the check that allows only certain cards so you can use this with any miniPci WWAN cards. It’s a couple of pages in so you can download it from here instead. Once I updated the bios, I took apart the laptop again to get to the miniPci slot. Put the card in and booted it up. Once I got into windows, the card created a CD drive on the netbook and loaded up the install softward for the card. I installed it and was able to load the drivers for the card. The next thing to do was install the generic HP Connect software so that I can enable the card. Now the card will always say that it has been disabled from the Device Manager, but it is on. I guess there is no way around this for now, but if you start the AT&T Communication Manager, it will find the card. Now we get to where I am today. I needed to get an antenna that will work with the card as there is not one currently in the laptop. There are some suggestions on the forum thread I linked to above, but not one post or pictures on what really works. So the next post will talk about what I have done to try and get it to work.

    iPhone 3.0

    Downloaded iPhone 3.0 last night. So far I have like everything. Some bugs but for the most part, everyhing is working. Wanted to post how to setup Google CalDAV.

    First go to settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account… > Other > Add CalDAV Account.

    Server : www.google.com
    User Name : email address
    Password : gmail password
    Description: Google Calendar

    Click save. After it comes back failed, scroll down and click the advance settings.

    Use SSL : ON
    Port : 443
    Account URL : https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/emailaddress/user

    Should work after that. Did for me.


    I have updated the Zac Galaviz website. Now it should be easier to update on an ongoing basis. You can now download most of the audio from each band that performed at the benefit, and view a couple of videos. One from a DVD that was made of pictures and letters that were sent to the family. The other one is of Honey Bread performing at the benefit. I need to finish the video of all the bands. It takes a lot of time to encode them and replace the audio from the video with the audio from the mixer. Eventually I will have most of the good ones up there. Don’t know if I will put all of the video.

    New Wiki Added

    If you have not noticed, I added a wiki to my website. Right now it is where I am going to start posting code I have written. The link should be on the right side of the page. I always have to code some weird stuff at work and can never find out one place that had examples on how to do it. I will find one piece on one website and the rest on another. I will keep trying to update the wiki when I am not too busy to post new stuff. Enjoy!

    My Wiki Site

    I joined the dark side.

    I don’t know when it happened. I woke up this morning just realizing that I have now become an “Apple Boy”. A couple of months ago I took the plunge and bought a Mac Book. I admit that I now use it all the time. I finally dropped my msn email account and got a gmail one so that I can get my email on it. Then I bought my brothers iPhone. I thought that I would just use it as an iPod. But I decided to try it out for a week. Then when the iphone 2.0 software came out, I was able to get my email pushed to it. I was able to SSH into our work servers so that I can manage them from anywhere. Plus I can get our global address list. That as the the reason why I am writing this blog from my iPhone. Then yesterday I went out and bought the AirPort Express to use with itunes. I was able to connect it to my network and stream all music to my stereo. I am also able to control what gets played from my iPhone. I downloaded this app from the iTunes store called Remote. It allows you to choose what songs gets played from anywhere in the house. I guess that is the reason for this post. I really enjoy all the apple products. But I still like my vista computer. They each have their good points and bad points. Maybe when I have more time I will compare them. I feel that I new to spend some more time with the mac to really get a better understanding of how everything works. So until next time…

    P.S. If you go to http://ijoinedthedarkside.com it will bring you here. 🙂

    New iPhone app

    Writing this post from my iPhone. I just installed the new WordPress iPhone app and just testing it out.


    Thought that I would try my hand at creating my own wordpress theme. Does not seem too hard. (Famous last words.) Hey, I code our company self service portal for a living.  I can do this.

    Also working with a new blog name. I know. I am a geek. But geeks are cooler than nerds.

    Lets try this again.

    Well I decided to go back to a Linux setup for my website. Found a better gallery and blog.  Enjoy while I get everything setup.