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Week 12 of 2010

This week was a short week for me at work. Had some meetings and then was off Wednesday to Friday. Reason for the vacation? South by SouthWest (SXSW). For more information about what SXSW is, click here. The following post will hopefully give you an idea of what the music portion of SXSW was for a first time attendee (me).

SXSW is held in Austin, TX, so a quick trip for me from DFW. I got to go with Melanie and Crystal Hartman. Two of the most informed people I know concerning new bands coming out and what is going on with the music scene. I admit that I have been out of it for a while and rely on these two people to keep me up to date. If you ever look at what I have on my iPhone, you can tell. So we drove down to Austin on Thursday. We drove directly to the Yard Dog just in time to see Japandroids.