I am old.

If being 30 wasn’t enough to make you start to feel old, I bought my first shares of stock today. For anyone who does not know, I live in Fort Worth. Little did I know that we are sitting on one of the nation’s largest natural gas fields. We have had wells set up all over the neighborhood and they can be annoying. As a homeowner that does not have mineral rights, I get no benefit with the gas companies drilling for gas. So I decided to try my hand in the stock market and buy some stock from a gas company. If I can’t get money from them directly, I will try indirectly………. or something like that.


I started getting into microcontroller programming. I found a product called Arduino. I ended up buying it from a website called Adafruit Industries. The development environment is written in Java, but you write code in C and upload via USB to the ATmega168 microcontroller. I also purchased the LAN Module and am working on getting it to work with the following example. No such luck. So I decided to go to my friendly neighborhood Radio Shack and pick up some “supplies”. I found some multi-colored LED’s, a 7-segment LED Digital Display, a Potentiometer, and some other misc items. My first project was to create a counter that would count from 0 to 9 Continue reading “Arduino”