This past weekend I went Barnes and Noble to use a gift certificate I have had for a while. I ended up buying “Murach’s Java SE 6” book. I know. A real page turner. Anyways, I was trying to set up my computer to be able to wrote some code and for my “Hello World” application, it would compile but not run. I was getting

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: TestApp

After some searching I found the problem. I am using TextPad to write my code and I needed to include the classpath variable at runtime for the app to work. In TextPad, click on Configure, Preferences. The click on Tools in the tree view and select Run Java Application. There is a box called “Parameters:” Inside the box is $BaseName. Edit this value and type in

-classpath . $BaseName

This should resolve your problem. When I get some more time, I will explain why you have to do this.


Been busy at work. We are moving our HR/Payroll systems over to ADP and have a go live date of 1/1/2008. So all of my time at work has been devoted to supporting this. Looks like I will be going to Jacksonville, FL for some training. I will not be doing the same kind of work that I am doing today. I think (hope) that it will be more java development. We will see. Crystal and I are trying to decide on where to go for our 5 year anniversary. It looks like we will be going to Las Vegas as of right now, but it may change.