Month: July 2006

  • Theme

    Thought that I would try my hand at creating my own wordpress theme. Does not seem too hard. (Famous last words.) Hey, I code our company self service portal for a living.  I can do this. Also working with a new blog name. I know. I am a geek. But geeks are cooler than nerds.

  • Lets try this again.

    Well I decided to go back to a Linux setup for my website. Found a better gallery and blog.  Enjoy while I get everything setup.

  • About

    Well where do I begin…. I am a 29 years old and living in Fort Worth, TX.  My wife Crystal and I have been living there in our house for about 3 years now.  This past March 27, we had a new addition to our family. Her name is Kylie Nicole Galaviz. Your life really does…